My Girlfriend's Sexual Past Is An Unexplainable Turn On For Me...

I write this hoping it not only provides me with an outlet, but also encourages some of you to share.  It is honestly 100% true as told to me.  I feel it is an exceptional once-in-a-lifetime person I have met, and love. 

I have heard her tell me great stories, but is a bit shy and possibly worried about my feelings, so she has slowed down the story telling saying that's all she's got.   I wish I could get more out of my gf, but she has cooled off on the idea of providing me more details of her past. We have been seeing each other for over four months, having met on an online dating service.

So far, these are a few of her experiences (she says she's been with under 40 men, some only oral, I think if admits to that, it could have been closer to sixty):

She flashed a Dr. at her place of work, a young married intern who had been flirting with her for some time. When she did that (lifted her skirt briefly, from behind, showing her *** under her nylons and g-string panties), he went to her immediately and locked the door. He wanted to **** her then and there, and she said she was a bit reluctant, but still went for it and got dicked for a bit. He said he just wanted to get her "aroma" on him, not a long ****. Supposedly they only did it for a few minutes, nobody had an ******. They had an affair for under a year, the remainder of his residence there. They ****** in vehicles, in the office, even at her home while the kids were with dad (she was divorced at the time). I would really like to hear more details on this one. When I asked her how come she ****** him, she said "just for the kicks and thrills of it". She had previously mentioned during our first conversations, that women and men think differently about sex, and that for women there is always an emotional (relationship) factor, whereas men look at the physical part of sex. I kind of suggested women can also have needs to satisfy and that a few "just for the thrills"-type encounters are perfectly fine for a woman.

Another one: a young , good looking emergency room nurse she liked was also flirting with her at another time. He also flirted with her as he left his night shift and she came in early during her morning shift. One day he finally dropped by her cubicle office and they started making out. She ended up blowing him to completion, swallowing his ***. (She ALWAYS swallows, and I mean always, way back from high school). They did this for a few weeks or months, she won't say. She claims they never ******, but I'm not too sure about that.

Another one, the last for now: She claims to have met a prudish guy at church, during a time she joined a congregation, sometime during college or so. According to her, he was uptight about sex but liked to get her to suck him off, nothing else (of course, she swallowed every time). This took place for weeks or months also, but this is the fun part: usually she would end up going to his house and climbing in through his bedroom window to suck him off (apparently he was keeping up a front with his religious parents, who would admonish any such behaviour). I ask her if she swallows to turn the guy on, or if she just gets really turned on by sucking ****, and having a man come in her mouth. She said it turns her on. I even asked her to what extent, on a scale of 1 - 10. She said about 7.5! Slutty, huh?

I know she has many more details to tell me, but claims she doesn't remember them, I kinda have to pry by asking her stuff, like "when was the longest lasting anal sex encounter you've had?" or "tell me about the biggest **** you've ******"...etc.

This gir and I have been through some experiences, she's 44 and I'm 53. We're both divorced, and seem to be in love. She seems honest, and don't think she lies to me, maybe still keeps a portion of her past hidden, but I'm not completely sure of that. I do verify some things she says, keeping note of her stories, bringing up some of the same ones over again, and her dates are always the same (I also have a secret way of knowing more that this, but can't divulge). There was one omission (she called it a "white lie") where the incident was brought up by her. She met a supermarket guy before her second marriage, but they would just talk and he would flirt, nothing coming of it. She then married her 2nd hubby, it lasted about 2 yrs. After her divorce a year ago last January or so, she decided to go out with him. This happened in the summer. She was not too thrilled with the guy's personality, level of education, conversations, etc., so she dumped him. They would have sex in their car in her driveway, and at times in her bedroom, with him coming in throught the bedroom door directly in front of the driveway. That relationship lasted about 2-3months, ending about October. Then we met in November. Initially, she volunteered telling me about him, but gave me a different date, sometime before her 2nd marriage.

This was one of the things I verified as being wrong, without a doubt. When I subsequently mentioned to her that it was highly unusual for her to be without a man for so long after her ugly divorce, she was a bit put off, although not exactly angry. She said she didn't need to be with a man that badly. Knowing she was still not coming forth with the truth, I said I didn't believe that, but would not bring it up again if she felt she couldn't be completely honest. (I kind of feel bad about that, since I had inside info that she didn't know about. But, after all, I'm not trying to hurt her, I'm only doing this for my thrills. Possibly this is selfish on my part, but I don't think I'm hurting anyone, aside from myself possibly. I do feel a bit tinge of jealousy at times, mixed in with the immense erotic turn on she gives me.)

Well eventually she fessed up, gave me the right dates on the supermarket guy. She didn't elaborate on the reason why she did that, but I suspect she felt she was a bit of a **** bedding a guy in October, then meeting and ******* me the very next month, late November last year.

I think she really likes me, maybe even loves me. I think I love her, at least as much as anyone I've ever met. In her stories, she tries to minimize the lust and thrill she felt, tells me I'm the best man she's met. We get along very well, in and out of bed. She even talked marriage and being together for the rest of our lives. I don't know about that, but can honestly say I at times think about us together forever.  I really don't think I am the marrying kind, I love living alone. However, I am older than she, not getting any youger. She is not financially doing badly, is a degreed professional, and makes a good salary for our town. I make more than twice what she makes, and that can't hurt, but I honestly don't think she's in it for money.  So I am wavering on whether this might be the person I grow old with-or not, give me your opinion?

Sorry to babble, will cut it off for now. It was really therapeutic to put this stuff in writing. Let me know if you want to hear more, as I do have other narratives from her.  Hope to get her to open up more as well.  By the way, we do have a fantasy of her being double penetrated, she loves those videos, and after having bought and used a "well-endowed" vibr_ator, it may happen soon.  I went into her ana_ly and simultaneously used the ***** in her pus_y, and all she could say was "AMAZING, I LOVE THIS, etc".  Talk to you later! 
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