Week Away

I confessed my hotwife fantasies to my girfriend around six months ago, I was afraid to tell her for some time and didn't think she would react favourably.  However I could tell by some of her responses and questions that she was actually curious and a little excited by it.  Since then she has gone on a date with a guy that she dated once while we were on a break, but nothing came of it.

She admitted to me that she has been chatting with a guy from another country online for a number of years, She at first denied there was anything sexual or romantic about it.  But, after a bit of questioning she eventually admitted that they often flirt and talk about meeting up and what they would do if they did.  He wants to take her out shopping for stockings, heels and then take her dancing (I'm sure there is a lot else he has in mind also). 

A few weeks later I told her that I was having fantasies about her meeting up with this guy, she asked if i would be ok with it and of course I said yes.  She thanked me and said she liked the idea, I first suggested a couple of nights, in our country with seperate hotel rooms.  The conversation progressed and it soon became clear that she wanted to meet him in his country and that she would like to stay more than a couple of nights.  She confirmed with him, who was of course very happy about it and we agreed that she would stay with him just short of a week in his house.

He knows she is with me but she has told him that I am ok with her going to visit her "friend", and he doesn't have any problem with this.  He wants to take her clothes shopping, dancing and has been flirting with her, talking about playing ***** poker etc.

I must admit that I am really suprsied that my "sweet and innocent" girlfriend has been chatting and flirting with this guy without my knowledge and that she so readily agreed to go and spend a week with him.  At my request she has since started to refer to him as "my other boyfriend" and told me that when she goes to visit him she would like to mess around with him as she has not had any other sexual experiences with anyone other than me.  She even admitted that if she's drunk and he turns her on that she will let him **** her.

Even though it is a little nerve racking (to say the least) I love the idea of her going to spend a week with another guy, that she has never met face to face before.  Acting as his grilfriend for the week, giving her ***** to him and then coming back to me and telling me every detail.  To be honest I really am suprised that she would do something like this and I find it very hot. It has always been a fantasy of mine for my girlfriend  to spend a week away with another guy.  I also intend to pick out some sexy lingerie for her to take on her trip with her.

Due to other events at the moment, no date has been planned but it's something I hope willl happen in the first half of this year.   More to follow, I hope...

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Wow! Takes a lot of trust to let her be with him for a week in a foreign country. Wish I was the lucky guy...