Stubborn Denial

So what happens when the wife says she has no fantasies at all?

Whenever I bring up things I like to think about or maybe trying one day, I encourage my wife (F) to share her thoughts with me. Every time though she just says she likes what we're doing now, and acts like her feelings are all hurt and basically accuses me of being unsatisfied with our marriage because I want to try and change things. Part of the reason I got on to EP in the first place was to open her eyes and help improve our relationship a little. F will read through and seems to enjoy the stories on here, but still won't discuss with me anything she may like to try. At the moment F is reading over my shoulder, laughing (not unkindly) at me for what she terms 'my freakiness'.

But I digress, even after reading and mentioning to F some of the ideas from this group already, she is still in what I call stubborn denial, as I believe she has just as many sexual desires and fantasies that I do as she is no prude, just doesn't like trying new things. During the first decade of our relationship, she was very hesitant about giving oral sex, and a quick flick with the tongue over the shaft was usually about it. For some unkown reason about 7 years back, she gave me the first real BJ, and you can bet I later asked her why she decided to go all the way. F basically said she just felt like it at the time and that was the end of the discussion as far as she was concerned. Now, BJ's have become a regular part of loveplay for us, so I'm not really complaining, just curious as to how it went from an activity she disliked to one we both enjoy almost overnight.

At any rate, I guess I'll continue to gently nudge F towards being comfortable enough to share with me her inner most desires, she should know by now she can tell me anything at all, that's what love is supposed to be all about.
afuleinluv afuleinluv
36-40, M
Aug 14, 2010