Asperger's & Disability.

I am concerned about the trend within the Asperger’s community to view Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism (AS) as simply another way of being rather than a disability. This is fuelled by a few cases of individuals who have excelled despite their AS, but this does not represent the vast majority of those who live lives that are limited in so many ways. This trend is very concerning because it places unreasonable expectations on the person with AS and often further isolates them, It minimizes what is a “pervasive developmental disorders which are a spectrum of psychological conditions that are characterized by abnormalities of social interaction and communication that pervade the individual's functioning” ( Wiki, 2012) . This trend causes the person to think that there is “nothing wrong” with them and people reject them for some unknown reason, maybe because of the way they dress or look or some other obscure, incorrect idea. In reality people with AS do have a disability, it impairs their abilities to communicate with others in profound and complex ways, this can cause barriers between people unless explored and managed. Only by directly confronting this reality can the person 1st understand their disability and the impact on their social interactions and #2 get support and assistance to deal with their disability. This is not about belittling the person with AS but about giving that diagnosis reality and space in language and the “proper status where it is important” (**** Sobsey, disability ethics, 2007). As a society we have come from a place of naming disability in negative ways, the rebound effect was not name it at all, and turn a blind eye to the disability, a more realistic approach is to name it correct, and respectfully and accept it. Disability is common and nothing to be ashamed about, what is shameful is failing to manage and cope with one’s own disability.

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People with autism have probably been diagnosed by a doctor. They no the name of there condition and will have been offered help in dealing with it. It's hard to be told your autistic and to accept it will always be there and that some people will always think you weird and a freak because of it.

sure, it is hard, but I am not sure avoiding it or pretending something else is the truth is the way to deal with it.

Lots of things are hard to do and hard to deal with but there are is a right way and a wrong way.

I said its hard to deal with not it shouldn't be dry with

you are correct.... you did not say that..