I Really Like to Hear the Thou...

I really like to hear the thoughts of those around me.  I like opinions as well as long as they are respectful of opposing positions...not agreeable but respectful.
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4 Responses Jun 10, 2007

It's much easier to read if you just stick to the matter in hand anyway. If you get emotional you will lose your audience.

Yeah and in general being emotional in ones arguments puts you in a position of looking biased. The whole notion of ob<x>jectivity means you have to have a certain detachment from the subject that you are so immersed in. That's the way the great ones do it (I think?) :-)

Some years ago I was moderating a rather unruly mob on a newsgroup, and I read an article about debate which inspired me enough to help deal with them. It's quite simple, you must stay on topic. Insults, sarcasm, etc are not on-topic. If the subject at hand is the death penalty, calling a contributer to the discussion a moron is off-topic. If you insist on staying on-topic, all these asides are automatically illegal. I love it.

me to, it's like a window to see the world from different perspectives.