Atitheh Devo Bhaveh..

Its a exepirence of my mother who helped a person belongs to paris .

IT was hot days n my mother was returing in bus to home from jalandhar to kapurthala , and at kapurthala bus stand she found a person named lionel,he forgot his luggage in another bus and he was asking for his luggage as all the buses looks alike .he was asking for help that any one had seen his luggage .my mother was in the same bus .she made him easy to not to worry and in mother brain the idea struck that may be the luggage went in the another bus then mum ask the driver for the ph.number  of other bus driver and finally they bought the luggage to the office of the same road ways bus .he got his luggage from there ,my mother asked him that where you going now he said i don't know may be the rest house ,so mother offer you like to come with me at my house he said why he was an history teacher he came in kapurthala for historical knowledge and like that and after 4 days he say goodbye and went back it was good expirence of my mother to helped him.





atitih atitih
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2010