Its All In The Heart.

3 years ago, someone whom i truly loves deceived me and took advantage of my kindness to her. I went through massive depression and hurt. And by escaping my depression, i would walk on the streets at nite to compose myself. While doin those solitary walks, i would encounter many homeless people living on the streets and sleeping on the pavements. I would befriend them, talking to them and slowly and slowly this feeling of sympathy and compassion engulfs me. I would leave aside some spare coins while they were sleeping, and usually i would placed these coins besides their belongings. I hope it would be useful for them to buy food or drinks when they are awake. I had also befriended an elderly lady whom i affectionately called Aunty Anna. She too is homeless, and she will always be accompanied by her loyal dog by the name of Benji. She had a sad fate. Her late husband died, leaving her all alone and in a pitiful state. She would sleep by the beach with her dog Benji by her side. Every nite, i would meet up with Aunty Anna and i would buy her food and drinks and i would bring some canned dog food for Benji. We would talk for hours about life and religion. Its was an eye opener for me to befriend an old lady like her who has went thru alot in life. She would also gives me motherly advice and consoles me on the problems of my life. But sadly one day Auntie Anna left that place without informing me and i hope that one day fate would reunite me and her again. Till now, i would still help out some of the homeless that I see on my nightly walks, and the personal satisfaction that i have felt is immense knowing that the liitle bit that i had did for them means alot to them.

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I too have put my heart and soul into a friendship/relationship and was hurt beyond comprehension.. I thought love was real and intense and forever, this was not the case at that time.. <br />
I have the biggest heart, I care deeply for people and nature. I search for belonging and acceptance. I walk my journey with the hope that we will all find some sort of inner calm and peace, and that the sadness is lifted from our souls. I am deeply moved by your story, amongst your sadness you have given to others, you are truly a kind person. Take Care..

You make me very happy. You went outside your unhappy life and helped others. I cannot say how wonderful you are for doing this. I hope that being on this website will help you a bit the way Aunty Anna did. Best wishes.

There should be more people like you in the world!<br />
You no doubt have touched so many people's lives doing these kind acts that most of us wouldn't even consider.<br />
So in a way this person who hurt u at the beginning has also been the trigger for this self discovery.<br />
I know its cheesy, but everything happens for a reason!<br />
Keep up the awesome work!