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it was the month of august .the river ganga was almost full of the brim. the current was very strong .one day i went to take bath in ganga.i was abt 2 jump in2 the waterat this tm i heard a loud criesabt a hundred yard away.people on the bank cried. the boy is going to be drowned someone save him. at once i went to the spot. i saw dat a boy has been carried away by the current. no body dare to rescued him. i thought dat i should save d helpless boyat once jumped into d water ,i swam as fast as i could.d boy was abt 50 yard away from bank. he was struggling hard to save himself . i went near him . i caught hold of his handn pulled him and swam towards the bank against strong current . in the course of a few minutes i was within ma depth . had i been late only by d few minutes d boy would hv surely be drowned . i reached the bank safely wd d boy. he had struggled hard 2 save him self so he was very much tired . people on the bank thanked me and his parents express their gratitude to me . i told dem dat god had saved d boy . i just performed my duty successfully .this is very happiest moment in ma life save someone if u could..
prashant1990 prashant1990
22-25, M
Nov 30, 2012