Help People

I had rather try to help someone than kick them while they are down.  I have been there and I know how it feels. 

Helping does not have be by giving money, but sometimes people just need a lending hand to assist them around their house or helping them move something, and etc.

I believe in treating people the way that you want to be treated.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

A basic human courtesy is to "willingly want to help those who need help or cannot help themselves". People get caught up in their day to day activities and become self-centered. Sometimes this causes them to be blinded to those around them who need a helping hand, or just a smile or a gentle touch to make their lives happier and easier. <br />
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As you said .. "treating people the way you want to be treated". <br />
Compassion puts us in the other person's shoes. We need not judge others, that is not our job here on this earth, but rather help them in anyway possible. <br />
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Sometimes the worse culprits of neglecting others in need are in our own families .<br />
Family members take advantage of each other because they feel they can.<br />
I always tell my grandchildren ... "never be mean to anyone and don't let anyone be mean to you" <br />
I was visiting NYC in December, and passed Salvation Army Kettles that are set up during Christmastime, I gave each of my grandchildren money, and told them to put in the kettle ... I explained where the money was going, and how it was going to help someone who was not as fortunate as them. This put a smile on their faces and anyone watching them performing a little gesture of goodwill.<br />
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You are a good man ... with an appreciation of the human spirit.<br />
God Bless You