Helping The Homeless

Yesterday I went shopping and I bought 300 ready made sandwiches for just $50, I bought fruit, and soup, I got bottled water, and juice, I bought lots of clean clothes, and also got some of my clothes and my families clothes. The reason I bought all this is because, early yesterday morning me and my children were walking around to the park, and I saw about 20 homeless people,mane there are so much more on the beach, so I decided to buy all this and help the homeless, with my husband at work, it was just me my daughter (off school) and my son (not started school yet) .
So we got 5 bags full of food in a trolley and 3 bags full of clothes, we went to the park, and Rosie gave a nice man a sandwich, bottle of water, fruit, and vitamins, she also got a clean shirt and trousers for him to try on, he looked so much better, and was glowing with happiness, he came to shake my hand, but instead I hugged, him and wished him luck, however, we were going down the really bad street, with lots of homeless people, and my eyes filled with tears when I saw a homeless family, 3 girls and 1 boy all young and then a single dad, luckily we were almost finished our journey, but we still had 23 sandwiches left, and lots of clothes, so we gave them 4 sandwiches each, as I know children need food, vitamins and water, my daughter emptied the bags of clothes to try and find some in their sizes, she found a lot, the dad started to cry, and I said that at anytime they could meet up, and I could wash them, shave him, and feed them, so I just had them round, and they all like new people, they all had showers, I shaved the man who's name was Russell, and then I cleaned all there laundry and and sewed the wholes in their clothes up, and then, we had tea, my husband was there and I think he made a new friend, I love helping the homeless, however I realise that this was a risk, but I am going to help him turn his life around, he became homeless when his wife died giving birth to his son, he loved his kids, but just didn't know how to look after them, with work as well, so he had to quit his job, he lost his house 4 years ago, his oldes was 11, then 7 and 7 (twins) and his son was 6 so now they are all o.d enough to go to school, I offered him a job at my bakery, and he accepted, his girls and my daughter are getting on, and his son and my son are also getting on, I have decided that they could stay the night in the spare room, so he starts work tomorrow, and his kids are going to go to there first day of school next week with my daughter xx
I live helping the homeless!
Thanks for reading xxLilyxx
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where did you get those sandwiches, beautiful story, how did the job go for the man

Where do you get 300 sandwiches for $50!!??

Me and my 5 kids are homeless