Ever Changing

That's the beauty of walking through the woods..it evolves daily. New growth, new critters busy with their life. One day this or that was there & the next, Mother Nature has switch gears. Fallen trees and new flowers.   Seasonal changes are fun to observe.  Spring time nesting then  Autumn harvesting. As a kid, I Lived in the woods. Who wanted TV when you could be Robin Hood or a stealthy Indian?   We always found treasures.  Weird bugs, a neat rock. Once I found a tooth of a cow or horse. It was very old and I hoped it was a Dinosaur. LOL..NOT!   Listen to the sound of birds and the movement of something you can't identify. Just be still...It will come to you.
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3 Responses Jun 28, 2010

Hi Artsy..wait till you get toScotland..that's beautiful! Maybe you'll come across a magical fairy..oh, !

Thanks woogie1..It's fun to hunt for mushrooms too..just gotta know what is what or else...blah. You know the end of that story :>) mushroom poisioning. um no..not good.

So true! The woods breathe with discovery and life. Thanks for such an eloquent reminder!