Can't Wait!

Hiking through the woods is one of my favorite past times! I enjoy communicating with nature spirits. When I grew up in central louisiana. When I was little my mom made great bike trails for my 2 older brothers in the woods behind our home. We had a few miles of woods to explore, so I grew up enjoying the woods.

My son's pediatrician doesn't want him in the woods just yet, and it will soon be too cold so we will have to wait until next year to take him hiking. That's ok with me I guess. He's getting his teeth in very early so maybe he will be able to explore without an overwhelming urge to chew on everything due to pain. He is now 8 months and cut his 5th tooth at 7 months. We are working on number 6 already.

Anyways, I can't wait to show him all the wonders of nature!
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what a wonderful story . . . thanx for sharing . . . I love hiking in the woods too . . . there is a park down the street from me within walking distance with woods and nature trails and a lake with a river running through it . . . . I am there almost every day . . . LOVE IT . . . I too grew up around a wooded area as well . . . loved it . . . sounds like a great mom . . . both you and your mom . . . that will be soooo much fun showing the little guy . . . good luck with the teething . . . happy hiking . . . 8D

Thanks maltese. It's one of the best things she ever did! I hope one day I can provide a similar atmosphere for my son to grow up in.