Just returned from a nude hike. Did about 5 miles. Went early in the morning to a very rural trail. Huckleberry ridge in southwest Missouri. Since it was early and kids were in school in the middle of the week I decided to leave my clothes in the car. I normally hike barefoot so I set off take nothing but my phone with me so I could track my hike. Well I was wearing insect repellent but that was all.

At first I was listen to every noise, but eventually relaxed and enjoyed the feel of the breeze. It was around 79 degrees...perfect for hiking and even better when naked. The trail is used for horse riding and sometimes Jeep trails. It is heavily wooded but every now and then you come to a clearing that is good for camping...very rustic camping as there are no facilities.

I came to a clearing and realized I was at least 2.5 miles away from my clothes...no chance of covering up if someone came along. It surprised me that I was so far from my clothes but I was really enjoying being nude in nature.

I really think that I've become a nudist...never thought of myself that way but I realized the other day I spend more time nude than clothed. When I get home from work I lose the clothes and don't put them on until I need to leave.
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I'm from SW MO. Where is Huckleberry Ridge? Down by the lakes?

I think I would've laughed my *** off if I was on my way to work and came across a nudist in the woods.