Spunking Pleasure

I love doing this.

Every time we **** my husband comes in my ****. This gets me up on the high of an ****** and I can't wait for him to get hard again and put his **** into my mouth. His ***** tastes sweet and so often lemony ( I think that's because he eats so much fruit during the day). When he strokes his **** against my lips I pretend that I don't want him and keep my lips closed tight. That's the signal for him to pinch one or both of my nipples hard so I have to open my lips just to say "That hurts but don't stop!" . Slowly I let his **** come into my mouth. I find that as I lick the very tip of it I can taste the new pre-***. Glorious!

I mould my lips around his shaft and let him **** me orally. As his **** pulses I can feel it start to quiver and I know it's time!

I close my throat so I don't swallow at this stage ... I only want to keep his ***** in my mouth to warm it up some more.

Often he actually fills my mouth even though it's the second time of spunking for him ... he's previously spunked in my **** and I've wiped the drip onto my hand and smeared my lips before kissing him.

He knows what I want to do so he starts to kiss my mouth hard forcing my lips apart I slosh his ***** around his **** in my mouth still keeping the ***** inside and then finally let him slide out all wet and sticky.

Our final pleasure is as we kiss each other long and soft as I come down to earth and his **** slowly softens ... I roll his ***** in my mouth around my tongue forcing him to open up and I squish the ***** and my juices into his mouth. We look at each other and smile contentedly as he swallows and I grin with love
janet112 janet112
41-45, M
May 10, 2012