Waited Too Long

When I'm having a few beers with friends at my neighborhood bar, I usually let my bladder tell me when I've had enough and should go home. Last Friday night I waited a bit too long. I had, I think, four beers, and my bladder was pretty full, but I was in the middle of a good discussion and stayed for another. By the time I left for the 15-minute walk home I had to pee really bad, and almost at once my bladder started to spasm. I walked quickly, clenching my sphincter to hold it in, trying not to wet my pants, but the urges got stronger and stronger. I put my hand in my pocket and squeezed my **** even though I know I can't stop the pee from coming out once it has escaped my bladder, but I was so desperate I had to do something! My house was in sight when I felt my hand getting wet, and no matter how hard I struggled to stop it, I was starting to pee. It was dark, so nobody saw me rush to my door with a growing wet patch down my leg. It was all very arousing, so I needn't tell you what I did next!
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

i really wish you'd have some details about what goes on next. ;) <br />
Thats my favorite part.