And the Little Dogs Too!

I think that dogs give the best hugs! I am a cat-person, by heart. But, dogs beat cats in hugs, any day! =p

Whenever I need a hug, I just run to my mother and sister's dogs, Snowball and Frodo. Snowball is weird with his hugs though! He will yell, "Moo!" when you hug him. But he loves hugs... and french kissing! If you're not careful, he will stick his tongue in your mouth! He got me twice! Yuck! :-o

And little Frodo, he will jump up for hugs! He is more normal with his hugs, no french kissing! And I get extra hugs, if I call him, "Mr. Frodo"! Heehee! ;-)

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7 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Yea I met a few owners that barked and showed more teeth than their dogs.<br />
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Back then it was the shots in the stomach. Not so good. Now they have better ways.<br />
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If it were me, I would rather take the French Kissing Dog. LOL!!

The dog had rabies. Kinda makes them go insane at the end. That is why you keep away from them.

Actually I felt more sorry for my dog ^__^<br />
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The other dog . . . after the dog bit her, the dog died. Her whole family joked with her that she caused the poor dog to die after it bit her. Entire family are jokers on her side.

My dear wife is not really into dogs. She got bit by a rabid dog when she was a kid and she never really got past it. That and she is a clean freak, you can only imagine her reaction, when she was getting ready for work, and she was tying her shoes talking to me, and our German Shepherd came right up to her and Nailed her right on the mouth, Tongue and all.<br />
<br />
The Reaction should have been on Video. ^__^

My dog is more like yours. Loves Hugs, and yes a french kisser if not careful. What is up with that. Never have an open mouth around my dog.

Ok, I think i have a better I idea of what you mean by 'hug' now. I think it'd scare most dogs if I hugged them tho! :P

I find that dogs tend not to hug each other like we humans do.. sorry this is a group invasion! =P<BR>I prefer to do very doggie body language around dogs. I like to brush my chin over their heads (just show them how tall i am) and then blow in little tiny pops on their ears. This usually gets me lots of licks!! =P <BR>I tied my dog on a leash outside the post office, one day, and was waiting in the queue and saw a little tiny kid run up to my dog and throw her arms around my big GSDx and go <BR>"Big Hugs!" to her.. well on a leash my dog cound not back away properly, on her own there she had to handle it by herself.. she snapped her jaws right up close to this littl girl's face. to say "back off" cuz a hug is not a normal greeting for a dog, the kid got it off the Tv program 'Teletubbies'. Kid ran away crying of corse, but it was clearly her parent's fault for allowing her to hug a dog on the street.