I Love to Hug

I often wonder why more people don't like to hug. A hug feels so good, and it can lift your spirits. A hug is soothing, and can make you feel like someone really cares for you. I like to hug other people, because it makes them feel good and it gives me pleasure to make someone else feel good. Hugs are just wonderful. Here's a hug for you now. ((((( ))))) I hope it helped.
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2007

I only hug friends and loved ones. I cannot stand to hug acquaintances or strangers. There's no pleasure in it at all to hug people you barely know, it's just creepy and suffocating.

Hugggiiiiieeeeessss!!!!! :D

awwww .... n u deserve a big ((((hug))))) .... :) ... :D .... ;) ....