Changed My Life

Hula hooping is not just a great workout- it literally has changed my life- every fiber of my being. Sometimes I will just sit in the middle of my hoop, on the ground and feel so peaceful. It is astounding the love I have for this little circle. I started hooping at the end of my relationship with my son's father. I was devastated, felt like a failure of a mother that we couldnt stay with each other, and that my life was about to change financially, and completely becoming a single mom. The glue that held me together? My hula hooop! I would hoop for 3 hours at night after I put my son to sleep, and dance, and laugh, and cry. I fell in love with myself, and felt my soul growing stronger. It literally changed me. No one person can understand your break up no matter how many people you have surrounding you, but the hoop sure did. I took my hoop everywhere, and it made me remember I am a sexy and strong woman, and that any man would be lucky to have me, and that this breaking up was good, and that it just meant I will have another chance to find pure love! I did! I teach hula hooping at my son's school, make hoops, and have a ton of fun. I am in a better space, things are still difficult between my son's dad and I ( he really regrets leaving me now! Too late!) and if things with him stress me out- I go hoop. My name is the Mistress Peach- and that is how I turned into the giggling peach that I am today!
Mistresspeach Mistresspeach
26-30, F
Nov 28, 2012