Collies of the lane

I live in the country, in the middle of a long lane.

Lots of houses have been built around here now,  but for years there was only a large farm at the end of the lane.

For the past 60 years a border collie from the farm walked this lane at night, his last walk of the day.

Now another collie walks the lane every night, a town collie who has never known the farm.

I walk behind watching his white fluffy tail bob up and down in the moonlight.

And I think of all the other collies who have walked the lane

And it feels as if all is just as it should be : )

Orangetas Orangetas
51-55, F
2 Responses Mar 17, 2012

Sweet story, Tas... *faerie claps*

Yes I gues it is :)

Thank you LG. I have borrowed the pic but will soon replace it with my own :)

LOL. Yes me too I think I should put it back .. twas loads better than this one :(