The Weekend Is Over.

Back to our teasing weekly work schedules. The weekend began and ended with me assuming my favorite position, on my knees pleasuring my wife's *****. She was very receptive and actively aggressive for me to pleasure her *****. Asking for and demanding me to orally pleasure her on several occasions. On my knees between her legs enjoying her ****** for my own pleasure several other times. Ending the weekend leisurely and sensuously giving her complete full body oral. Relaxing her as I enjoyed every erotic sense of her pleasure. Denying myself to the end so that I would only think of her pleasure and only want her pleasure for my own. Finalizing the night, pounding and filling her satisfied ***** with my ***.
Now the week begins and I already want to pleasure her again, my desire to pleasure her grows with every hour that I am not between her thighs. My own denial multiplying my want to satisfy and pleasure her intensely and continuously. I really feel that sometimes that I only want her to have never ending orgasmic pleasure, deriving my satisfaction from the intensity of her pleasure. I long for another weekend, longer and better for her!!!
Ron1963 Ron1963
46-50, M
3 Responses Jan 9, 2012

Wow. Very sexy. You should lick your *** out of her. She will ****** powerfully

Great story, fantastic pics, especially the vid showing her ******* her hips. She is beautiful and very sexy, - and the pic showing you pleasuring that delightful wet **** is fantastic!! Please add me, I so want to see more of you both !!

Great story, I share your enthusiasm!