All Day Inflated Undies

I love to wear my underwear with a deflated beach ball folded up and inserted between 2 pairs of undies and then I inflate them with a small hand held bicycle pump about 3-4 pumps. then i put on my regular clothes and go to work or play as usual. i inflate them very little so nobody knows that the beachball is there, only me. I have done this on a regular basis for about 20 years and i love the feeling of the beachball pressure on my genitals which calms me down and gives me an all day non-stop slow wet dream.
xteroid xteroid
46-50, M
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

I doe the same but with balloons realy big balloons.
I put a big deflated balloon in my undies then i put my regular clothes on . Then i blow up the balloon realy big so it fits perfectly in my undies then i deflate it. Sometime when im alone i inflate it again realy big and enjoy the feeling :)