Knocking Her Up...

On a couple of occassions in the middle of night, I've woken up with raging hard-on; you know the kind, it's so hard it actually hurts? Back in the early days of our marriage, I would just jack off quietly as to not wake my wife. I told my wife on the occassions that had happened and she always replied "aw, you should have woken me up." So, fast forward after we've married 10 years or so and the wood wakes me up. I contemplated stroking my **** in the middle of the night or if I really should wake her up. What the hell, I'm so hard it'll take a long time to milk my **** of its juice. I pulled the covers off the bed and found my wife sleeping on her stomach. She only wears a Tee and panties to bed. As violently as I could, I ripped her panties down off of her hearing a quick tearing sound of the cotton fabric. She stirred to slightly panic as I flipped her over and spread her legs with as much force. I put my hand over her face as she started to struggled and breath harder. By now my **** was stabbing at her ***** trying to penetrate her sleeping and dry *****. Once my **** found the opening of her *****, I started pumping as hard as possible to get in. The pain from my wood and the constant pumping was exhilirating. Finally, finally my **** made it's way inside her still yet moist *****. As i thrust harder, she moaned louder but was unable to speak with my hand clasped over her mouth. I released my hand and pulled her shirt up over her. She re-positioned her *** up to take more of my **** deep inside her *****. I put my hand back over her mouth and thrust even harder, she returned with louder moans and breathing. In an instant, her ***** became flooded with her juices as my **** was now slapping inside of her with as much force and rythm I could muster. "You like that *****?" I asked her. You keep your ******* mouth shut and you won't get hurt. She moaned with approval and wrapped her legs tigher around my back as I started grunting and pumping harder into her *****. "I'm gonna knock your *** up" I whispered into her ear. She moaned even louder. "Do you want my *** inside you *****" I asked? She mumbled a yes through my hands and nodded her head. I exploded inside of her for what seemed like minutes. I collapsed on top of her sweaty **** from all the grinding we had been doing and stuck my tongue deep inside her mouth noticing how hot her tongue and mouth had become; she moaned like a little schoolgirl while sucking my tongue. "Keep your legs closed" I said, "I want all my baby batter to swim deep inside your *****" as I got up and left.
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This is one ******* hot story!!!

******* nice story bro! Knock her up when you are horny!

That very hot. Keep doing it 2 her


what a sexy story..I loved it!