I Love The Feeling

My ex he never came inside of me, unless it was anal. No matter how much I begged him. He would talk about it, but when I was on top of him begging for him to release inside of me he would say no. I have been *** inside of by an 18 year old, and I guess you can say that is when is all started. He didn't get me pregnant, but I loved the thought.

I am currently sleeping with a man who is 26 years older then me, it's good. Except he is fixed, so when he does release inside of me, there is no risk in it. It feels so nice when he does though.
TellyLuvsSex TellyLuvsSex
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8 Responses Sep 10, 2012

I don't think it really counts as sex unless the woman has a ***** filled with *** afterwards. that's the best part

If love to fill your ***** of my ***.

that sexy body of yours was made to hold *****

I know that.

Not fixed, and would love to give it to you.

I wanna *** deep in u

The only way to have sex is to *** inside....

I wish my gf was keen for this too, but alas, she never wants children.

I am sorry to hear that. :(

Good for you...feels good doesn't it :-) dc

It feels real good.