Others Inspire Me

Since I found this group, I thought, yes, I'm going to join, because I do love to inspire others. However, sometimes I can feel a bit listless, bored, and wondering what to do next. That's when books come to the rescue! Or, other people too of course, but in case I'm on my own, I turn to my library. All it takes is for me to pick up a book on any topic of interest, and in no time, I feel inspired and motivated once again. Why?  Because the writer of that book has inspired me!  My spirits are picked up, I feel motivated by some idea or cause, and then I feel confident and ready to inspire others!
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3 Responses Aug 1, 2011

I feel the same way after reading a book and how much imagination I could have but also others inspire me to make a good supporting comment on a story it just depends on what I'm reading too

Thank you for your support, I appreciate it!

Thank you for joining the group and posting a positive story.