Great Thoughts And Actions

Be great in act as you have been in thought. – William Shakespeare

How many times do we wish great things?

I know I do it all the time.  I dream about the possibilities of how great things could be if I only did this or that.  Most of the time (in the past), I would have these great thoughts and then say, “Oh well, maybe one day, someday.”
Now, when I have a great thought, I don’t dismiss it casually.  I actually hold on to the thought long enough to think is this something that I can really do.
It all boils down to prioritizing and planning.
If I want to volunteer at an animal shelter, I know whom I can call.  I just need to do it.  If I decide I want to do something, I have to prioritize it and plan to do it.  Things that are important to me, I do.  Everybody does.
If eating is important to you, you make sure you do it.
If paying your mortgage or rent is important to you (so you will not be out on the street), then you do it.
I am great in act as I am in thought. 

Are you?

I know you have great thoughts.  We all do.

I am challenging you to be great in act as you are in thought.

I am starting to be the change I want to see in the world.
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4 Responses Aug 8, 2011


Thank you for the good things you said!

I have 2 thoughts that I find useful and that I think someone else might also find useful.; when you said

[great things could be if I only did this or that.], I'm sometimes conscious enough to say to myself, "Whops, the If Only trap again. Move on to more useful thoughts."

When I hear the thought "I'll do it later.", especially when I hear the thought "I'll do it someday.", I sometimes tell myself "Later is spelled N E V E R." Or "Someday is spelled N E V E R.", both of which help me decide to do it NOW or at least get very serious about exactly when I'm going to do it.
Thanks again!

You got to do what you got to do!<br />
I try to walk my talk too!

I am proud of you. We should all try to be the change we want to see in the world.