Too Much Of A Good Thing. . .

I like to think I'm pretty athletic. My mile run times are usually under 8 minutes, I can touch the rim on most courts, etc. After I joined track in high school, I became way more fit. With that said, I love getting mad air on trampolines. I would always push myself to see how high I can go. So at my cousins bbq, there was this trampoline with a net. I decided to try out after the little kids were done. Long story short, I almost died (or came close to it). Apparently, this one was wound much tighter than others I had been on. So when I gave it a full strength, I was launched pretty far & high. In fact my family later told me that the net was up to my chest before I came down on the edge. Never been on one since.
Rookie009 Rookie009
26-30, M
Sep 16, 2012