Foxes In Awe

I do love to jump on a Trampoline.  Sleeping on them is even better.

I may not have had the same awe and fascination as these foxes though.

Krypton Krypton
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10 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Yeah, it's pretty deserted between Czech and Slovakia.

You see you are describing trampolines that live in the midwest or south. My trampolines live in the desert. The desert is fun for many things, not the least of which is sleeping outside with no dew or bugs. :P

I guess I'm just old.<br />
In the morning they were all dewy.<br />
And pine cones had been falling on them all night.<br />
I love sleeping outside, but I prefer my Eureka Tetragon 8.

I camped on a tramp once. Its pretty comfortable. I roll around a lot though so the squeaking woke me up a few times.

I grew up sleeping on a trampoline, me and my friends always had a blast!!!<br />
I only wish *sniffle*, that I...had a trampoline around...when I started discovering sex! *bawls, blows nose on kerchief*.

Lot of people do it Lilt. Very Very Common. Their other oddities I can't speak for.

Yep, the little man uses it almost everyday.<br />
The older boys have slept on the trampoline overnight. <br />
I thought that was kind of weird.

Tearaway - those highlights are wonderful<br />
My in-laws have one and my karate friend. He thinks it helps his practice. They are awesome. Do you Lilt?

Do you have a trampoline, Krypton?

Haha, I read all the comments from the users on there too. ALL the comments. Want the highlights? Yes, yes you do.<br />
<br />
"This video is excellent. It belongs on the news. Maybe Fox news will pick up the story."<br />
<br />
"Coyotes on a trampoline would rock.<br><br />
<br />
Pumas on a trampoline would be terrifying. ("Oh, ****, he's cleared the fence!")"<br />
<br />
"Foxes love trampolines."