Me Too! Wheeeeeeeee!

 I LOVE trampolines. Always have. In fact I was one of those kids who used to come round your place just to jump on the trampoline.

I love trampolines. I am planning to get one for my daughter's birthday. Trouble is, we need a back garden to put it in. So I am planning to get a place big enough that we can get a trampoline in the back.

If we had a back garden that big we could also get a dog. Wheeee! I want one of those too. A big one, with lovely big paws and a huge grin. 

If we have a bubba and a dog then we need a bigger car to pile everyone into, so I better add that to my wish list also. 


I love trampolines. Can I come round to your place and have a go?

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

when I win the lottory, the house I build will have a room that you enter from the second floor, and the floor will be a trampoline on the first floor. It will have padded walls with ledges you can jump to. It will have a trapiese, so if you jump high enough you can grab on and hang till you drop back down and bounce some more. sounds like so much funn

Come know you want to.....