To Float...

My job is, by its very nature, stressful and intense. I carry it with me everywhere I go... almost.

Putting my boat on the rack, the gear in the car, I know that soon I will be floating again. The long drive to the put in, the giddy anticipation during the shuttle run, all of it marred by the percolations of random thoughts of work, honey-do's, replays of uncomfortable situations.

But once my skirt is sealed I push off into the current to float once again. I feel the river gods drawing my stresses into the water splitting them into infinitesimal ribbons as they encounter the swirls of the eddy lines, the roiling of the waves, drawn to the river bottom to be embedded into the mud and rock while I float above them.

When I float, I am truly free.
jl39472 jl39472
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 11, 2010

did u had any training ?