Long Night............ For Couple

this is not my story that story about one crazy army man. there was one couple newly married was on first floor of building on second floor there was one crazy army man. He always drunk and come home late night its was his daily routine that is normal thing but what in this story to laugh.. so now m saying you... when he entered his flat after then he relaxed little bit after then he daily throwing his shoe with big noise after ten or fifteen min he throwing other shoe with big noise after both of his shoe thrown then people on first floor going to sleep they fear if they get sleep after then army man will throw his shoe then they will awake so they dont want to make bad sleep but one day happen one thing army man throw his first shoe and he did not throw other shoe, people on first floor waiting when he will throw other shoe due to they dont want to awake soon if army man will throw other shoe but he was too drunk and he forget to throw other shoe and he slept and people on first floor wait all night to armyman when he will throw other shoe. he was already slept and he didnot... so people on first floor wasted all night in waiting to him when he will throw other shoe then they will sleep that was long night for them...............
hifi10star hifi10star
22-25, M
Jul 18, 2010