Set Your Priority Of Life.............

this story about personal life that I think we all have feeling like
this I am going to share with you If I honestly say this is not story
this is experience......
firstly I want to say you all for normal people this is very difficult
task to set priority in life. In life most of people come on age around
18 to 30 this is very difficult and enjoyable duration of life. If you
succeed whatever you wanted to do in life in this duration you will
happy in your life . If you being fail in this duration then your life
will become hell.... that hundred percent true....we all know every one
being human need love for live not only food need love also
need......even bad or cruel people also have someone who love them.
every people have different thought and think regard same thing may be
slightly same or identical but not all people have same thought regard
same thing.If I say about me I was very good student in school but in
college i being different I was forget what I wanted to do in life I
can't explain How easy I was taking everything like cup of tea but life
is not like that seem. Life always surprise you and will never
understand what will next.....did you feel that?.......I am nothing now
what I wanted to do in life but keeping try try try........till I get
something related to I wanted to do in life...we all getting love of
parents brother and sister regards me I have no sister so I don't know
love of sister. even I will never know love of sister in this life.If
you giving hundred percent for anything in life that not guarantee you
will get thing that you wanted. after a lot of labour you will get
little reward that also true. so conclusion is that what ever you wanted
to do in life or doing you have to keep patience and work hard you will
get your reward one day may be late but you will get that still..... for
me I can say girl come in life change everything first time it was nice
feeling and after then I was taking everything I can do when girl
dumped me then I feel like only I am one fool boy in world that
destroyed everything like career , financial personal life , family I
was totally broken. from recovery this its taken 1 years m feel now
normal and happy now not problem now my priority is my career job n
family when i was associated with girl that time my priory only was girl
I was dump fool? so we very careful about set priority in life and run
and run everywhere to get it work out............

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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

hi my friend;<br />
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am happy that you are happy and normal again, thanks you didn't waste your precious time and you got back to life, and now giving your priority to your career, and fully focused to achive your goal, building career , job , etc tec,.................bless you always!