Just Plain Silly

I blame my silliness on my Mom. She set the example I live by today. As a child I remember her silly songs, goofy games and way of making things "all better." I see a lot of her in me. My husband tells me that sometimes I sound just like my Mom. (Which is a compliment) I have been told at work if there were ever a talent show,..I would win. Don't know about that, but my co-workers seem to find me entertaining. On third shift it can be important to be slightly amused especially when you are tired. I love to study my co-worker's mannerisms and how they talk. I can pretty much do an impression of every single one of them successfully. I try not to be cruel or insulting if I do so. No complaints so far. I also have a talent for acting out scenes from famous movies. Like the cowardly lion's speech in Wizard of Oz. Mary Poppins spoon full of sugar song is also popular. I can also dance real well. Took 10 years of ballet but most of my dancing is not as technical. I can do a really good Moonwalk! Sometimes I'm even funnier when I'm not even trying to get a laugh. Guess I'm just goofy no matter what. Life can be so serious, why not break it up a little?
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1 Response Dec 12, 2007

Yeah i kno were ur comin from.