i was never the "class clown" or "comedian" type, but i love to laugh and to make others smile. i don't actively pursue comedy, but when humourous situations reveal themselves (as they often do) i enjoy pointing them out and sharing a laugh about them. if that makes sense.
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I feel the same way I'm not really a person that tells jokes all the time and frankly i don't think I'm good at it. I too only laugh when it presents its self naturally for example, if you are in a position where someone is talking about a serious subject and there is something you find funny but you try not to laugh to embarrass yourself, but the more you try not to the funnier it becomes until finally you can not contain it anymore and burst out laughing, then other people who thought of nothing until you started laughing now they can not contain it either and it just becomes funnier and funnier.

no, sorry. "jokes" aren't really my thing. i prefer to acknowledge humour as it presents itself naturally, rather than in a "okay, here it is, this is going to be funny" sort of format ;)

do you know any good websites with great JOKES?