When I Was Little

A story that I like to tell people is about me when I was little and you can't blame me for this I was like 4.

One day, my mother went to the store and left me and my baby sister home with my father, who was somewhere in the house. Well, I decided that I wanted to help my mom with the dishes and squirted a lot of dish soap into the sink. Then I changed my mind and wanted to help by washing the floor instead. So I took an industrial size bottle of dish soap and squirted it all over our tiny kitchen. My sister and I then grabbed the brushes and started to scrub. After a little bit, we started to try and skate on the scrub brushes, to no success. So instead my sister and I ******** down naked and started to slide across the kitchen floor (that was also a poor idea and I apparently ended up with a bump on my head). Anyway, my mother soon came home to two slimy children, a floor with a thick coding of soap and a sense of horror. When my father saw it on the other hand, he just had to laugh, which wasn't the smartest of ideas. My mother said she had no idea on how to clean up the mess, so she called her mother who said "call the store." So she called the store and they said to use kitty litter. Just spread it over, let it soak it up and then sweep it away. So she got the kitty litter, spread it ALL over the kitchen floor and went to grab the broom. It wasn't there. My sister and I, the day before, decided we were a pair of witches that flew through the air on that broom, and using our powers magically made it disappear. However, my mother eventually found it and went back to sweep up the kitchen, but in the period that it took her to find the broom, the kitty litter had adhered to the floor and was now impossible to sweep. So to get it up, my mother made my father use a putty knife to scrape away the kitty litter off our once white kitchen floor that is now brown. But the story doesn't end there. Remember I squirted some of that dish soap in the sink, well my mother didn't pay attention when she loaded the dishwasher with soap covered dishes before she went to bed because the dishwasher ended pretty much squirting bubbles from all sides. I have to say though, it cleaned the floor better than I did.
Rosarose22 Rosarose22
18-21, F
Jun 26, 2012