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I love to laugh

I love to laugh.  Sometimes I laugh at inappropriate moments.  I laughed through-out my wedding ceremony.  I also laughed when I was in labor - until those contractions wiped the smile right off my face.  Come to think of it, I laugh a lot.  That's a good thing, I guess.  Better than sulking.  I love to make others laugh, too.  I've always felt such a great sense of satisfaction from making others chuckle.  And when I'm among a very dry crowd, I sit back and laugh at that too. 
daybreak daybreak 31-35, F 9 Responses May 18, 2007

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cool, we need to make more people laugh - keep it up girl!

I too agree!! I am always smiling and laughing!! Its great thing!!

I would laugh when my kids got shots.............the Dr. told me it was a form of hysteria, I think he is right............

I laughed through my wifes giving birth so much that i needed to keep a tight grip on the laughing gas. Why dont they sell that stuff in shops!?

Me too!!!<br />
<br />
Sometimes I think I have such a warped sense of humor, but it entertains me, so I guess so

Its a real joy to see people happy, i love the feeling that comes out of it jus t like you

Aww... would love to have you around me. I laugh all the time too, and REALLY loud. Heh...

LOTFLMAO ... You will see that and similar acronyms here at EP and elsewhere. I laugh and I love ... I think the two go together like a horse and carriage. Thanks for sharing,<br />
<br />

Ah, I love to laugh too. ANd I'm smiling now just because I read this :) <br />
Sometimes I even enjoy making people laugh at me :P