I love to laugh

I love to laugh.  Sometimes I laugh at inappropriate moments.  I laughed through-out my wedding ceremony.  I also laughed when I was in labor - until those contractions wiped the smile right off my face.  Come to think of it, I laugh a lot.  That's a good thing, I guess.  Better than sulking.  I love to make others laugh, too.  I've always felt such a great sense of satisfaction from making others chuckle.  And when I'm among a very dry crowd, I sit back and laugh at that too. 
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god bless you

"Sometimes I laugh at inappropriate moments." That sentence rung a bell. I wasn't born (or raised) with the conventional laugh. I had to teach myself to laugh more normally. It may have been that when quite young, I would see humor where others did not. I giggled, but would try to suppress it--because I didn't want to get into trouble. Inappropriately (usually more when physically tired): I would hear something funny when people were praying, or I would be in agony trying to suppress the urge to giggle during communion...or other solemn moments. I'm 67 and control myself better. Even now, I have to willfully move my thoughts elsewhere or I will embarrass others and myself because I'm shaking all over as I put a lid on my snickering. I think I got a hernia back when I was in my late 20's and a music professor. While the staff were being led in a meeting by the chairman, the Art teacher fell asleep...then began making whistling sounds that finally erupted in outright snoring! The chairman seemed oblivious to what was going on in the back of the room! It sapped my energy to hold back my giggling or outright laughter. When the chairman looked up and saw my contorted face, he cluelessly inquired, "Did I say something wrong?" I about died!

cool, we need to make more people laugh - keep it up girl!

I too agree!! I am always smiling and laughing!! Its great thing!!

I would laugh when my kids got shots.............the Dr. told me it was a form of hysteria, I think he is right............

I laughed through my wifes giving birth so much that i needed to keep a tight grip on the laughing gas. Why dont they sell that stuff in shops!?

Me too!!!<br />
<br />
Sometimes I think I have such a warped sense of humor, but it entertains me, so I guess so what...lol

Its a real joy to see people happy, i love the feeling that comes out of it jus t like you

Aww... would love to have you around me. I laugh all the time too, and REALLY loud. Heh...

LOTFLMAO ... You will see that and similar acronyms here at EP and elsewhere. I laugh and I love ... I think the two go together like a horse and carriage. Thanks for sharing,<br />
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Ah, I love to laugh too. ANd I'm smiling now just because I read this :) <br />
Sometimes I even enjoy making people laugh at me :P