The Barn

I worked as a home health aide. We went to elderly folks homes and assisted them with bathing, dressing, hair combing or whatever they needed to get ready for the day. One day as I was assisting a lady with dressing we got to the part where she was putting on her bra. Being a large woman she was amply endowed. She was not able to fasten the bra once she manuevred herself into the said bra. I stepped behind her and proceeded to fasten the bra. To my surprise she yelled " DON"T CLOSE THE BARN DOOR.... THE COWS ARE NOT IN YET.!" I knew immediately what she meant. I was laughing so hard I couldn"t have fastened it anyway. She wrestled herself into the "BARN" and I fastened it up. It was a great moment I have never forgot. To this day all my family refers to bras as THE BARN. So gentlemen if you ever find yourself in the position of having to fasten a ladys bra~~~~ make sure the cows are in first. lol mini
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

That <i>is</i> funny. Wait until the cows are in..... (walks away giggling)