Mosquito Hunt

There is a mosquito hunt going on in my office today.

I had been on my previous desk for about 3 years. Before a year, i moved on to another desk near to the previous one which was taken over by another guy.

Couple of weeks ago, that desk has been assigned to a girl. Yesterday, She complained to be bitten by a mosquito. And guess what, there is half a dozen janitorial staf to clean up the inn and outs of the place (and all the nearby desks and tables), under the table, inside the slits between cupboards and all. Fumigation underway for the whole department.
Seems like an operation cleanup.

and i am wondering,......Man!!!!!!!!..i have been sitting there for the last three years..and i din't even notice there were mosquitos...

and the mosquitos would be searching for the one who invited all this mess by biting the poor girl

labyrinthlife labyrinthlife
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5 Responses Feb 7, 2013

straight horny Mosquito :D

Hi labyrinthlife, mosquitoes love to bite me I hate it when I got bitten but my friends got none..:-(

Since only female mosquitos bite~maybe it was a female thing?? I bet she wore perfume. They didn't like her scent LOL mini


Might be coz those mosquitoes were on diet wen u were in tat desk ......

or might be they all died after biting me

i think she was more appealing to the mosquito than me