I Don't Think I Am Funny

Seems others do though, I don't care if they are laughing at me or with me as long as they laugh... and these days I think laughing is crucial to hanging onto our sanity even if it is by a thread. In real life unless you have known me for a long time you would never see the side of me that EP sees. I am quiet and always feeling out of place and awkward. Usually I am the quiet one who will try to sneak past you, never really meaning to stand out. Though sometimes I don't mind standing out when the room is tense and everyone seems to be in a poor mood. I will crack a joke or run my smart @ss mouth just to lighten things up and then sink back into my head. It's where I have been my whole life and it is where I belong.

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5 Responses Feb 11, 2010

:) I am slowly coming out of my shell... I've just spent too many years inside of it. I pop out for a little bit when I am drunk but then when that wears off lmao... We are a lot a like! I would just like to say, don't forget to take your own advice ;)

I have told you, that we have a lot in common, and I really believe that you are one of the gems here on EP. You have that magnetic persona, and if people get caught with this bug you call college, you will not want to revert to anything else.

Laughter is the best medicine, I love to turn around an akward situation into something humorous myself, we all take the world to seriously, laughing is a great thing!!

Thanks sweetie ;)

u are good just the way u are,college.u make me smile a lot too..