Not Too Late

For many years I took myself and life too seriously. Fortunately I found some people on EP who reminded me you need to be able to laugh at yourself and with others. So glad I found them.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Did you hear the one about ........ ;-). Let's laugh! Hahahahahaha .... That felt GOOD!

Hey red; glad you read my story. It is because of you and people like you that I feel I had forgotten such an important aspect of life.
Thank You! Yes it really feels good to laugh.
No more blonde jokes though. You joined the group that is suppose to treat the mentally handicapped with respect.

.... As a former blonde, I am sooooo disappointed in you Climber. ( removes from circle )

Hey! I had blonde curls till I was in High School. Then it turned brown, then it started to turn grey, and now it is turning loose.
I guess it is OK though if you remove me from your circle. That pentagram was making me nervous.