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A woman cutting her lawn, accidentally cuts the tail off her cat. She starts running to her car holding the cat, in one hand and the tail in the other.
A neighbor hollers to her "Where are you going" and she replies, "Walmart."
"Your suppose to take your cat to the veterinarian not Walmart."
"I can't do that because everyone knows that Walmart is the worlds biggest retailers."

A man stopped at a wooden store in an tiny southern town where a small boy sat on the steps next too a  big mean looking dog that growled as the man approached.
   The man stopped before mounting the stairs and asked the small boy "Your dog don't bite does he?" and the boy answered "No he doesn't."  So the man thinking he was safe cautiously passed the dog and thats when the dog bit him.  The startled man cried out in pain," I thought you said your dog didn't bite."
  The boy answered, "He don't. This here dog ain't my dog."

A woman went to a doctor and had many tests and when they were ovre the doctor told her I have bad news and good news the bad news is that you have cancer and the good news is that we can cure it. and the woman siad "Is that the five ,ten or twenty year cure.
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Retailers? Hahahaaaa