Laughing Is My Antidrug, I'm Addicted =)

I am known for my laugh. Seriously haha ppl that know me can recognize my laugh anywhere cause it's really loud and different. I'm a sucker for funny humorous people. If you can make me laugh I can promise you we're going to be friends and get along just great. It's fun to laugh. I wish I could laugh 24/7. I want to die laughing lol. It's true what they say laughing cures the soul :)
LoverInTheClouds LoverInTheClouds
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2011

i think i would die if i couldn't hear laughter.

I absolutely agree! lol. I've had people tell me the same thing about my laugh...although sometimes I'm not sure whether its a compliment or not! haha. They say they can hear it all the way across the lake(which is a big lake) and that makes me wonder....what am I, a heyena?! hahaha. But who cares, right? Laughing is fun and everyone should just laugh as much as possible and never hold back!