It's Better Than Crying

There's nothing better than laughing helplessly until tears roll down your face and your stomach hurts. My sisters have that effect on me. We have the same sense of humour. We can laugh about anything...and do. No one else has ever made me laugh harder. We always wonder why other people don't find us as funny as we find each other. "How is this not the funniest thing you ever heard?" we ask our unimpressed brothers (for starters). When we get together, we giggle non-stop. We love it, but I can see how it could get annoying to everyone else!

CandyAppleRed CandyAppleRed
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2007

Boys and Girls often have different tastes in humor

Our family has the same sense of humour to except it is the whole family. Who ever is around us is always laughing. But it usually only happens when us three older boys are together, lol.