Rose's Laugh

I loved when my cousin rose came to visit, her belly laugh was infectious. At one point in her life before 911 she would come very Friday to Boston, spend time with my family then fly to NYC for her meeting with Kemper at the trade center. The year before 911 rose's symptoms from her sarcoidosis began to get worse and she was forced to retire from a thirty yer career with Kemper. Had she not retired she would have been killed on that day. Ia m forever grateful for that,it have me ten more years with my belved cousin. Our moms are sisters, we swore that somehow we were swapped between our moms. We each love our moms but are much clos to out aunts.
There was a time in my life when I was living back at my moms after a leg injury, I was strapped into a brace for z12 hurs a day. I waited each day for rose to come up to our room for our giggle time. We unwound, we let loose, we shared, we planned for the future, we made fun of the people who add us be serious. This was the most trying time of my life, but because I was sharing a room with rose, we made it fun. She made everything fun. We had fun just sitting in the porch drinking coffee. We had fun arguing. I am wo during if I will ever have tht kind of fun again. I want to say yes. Will someone as pure, as kind and as loving Asher ever fall into ,ymlife again. I must have faith that it could happen.
I have almost 50 years of memories in my head to surve me util it is time or us to be reunited. I hope she knew how much I really loved h. This is my greatest fear. Did she know, did it matter ?? I want to say it did.
My last conversation withher was rushed , he roommates' daughter brought her her iPhone. The first call was to me to say she had her open and would call me when she could, she told me she loved me and hung up. That was the last conversation .............
Amala82962 Amala82962
46-50, F
May 9, 2012