As Often As Possible

There's really nothing better. No matter how bad I feel, if I can find something to make me laugh, it can turn the whole day around. And, I laugh easily - I love off-the-wall humor, especially British comedies. I laugh at inappropriate moments as well - sometimes it is a defense mechanism and I really can't help it. Honest. And, I laugh out loud - even whilst reading alone. :)

I am sarcastic and, I think, witty, at least occasionally. If I can make someone laugh, even at me, at least I've done something to make their day a little brighter.
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

Nothing better than a good laugh. I used to have a roomie who would come from across the house when, as he put it, my giggle was just 'too evil'. Who knew there could be such a thing? As long as you're having fun and no one gets hurt, how can "too" anything apply? :-D

And, I'm glad you find me a little amusing...<br />
<br />
You, of course, are a riot! ;)

Well, some riots are fun. :)

Certainly, one with you would hold promise. Brighten my day anytime. (I'm keeping my sunscreen handy)