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I Love To Laugh=d

I don't know how,I don't know why.I just love to laugh.
You know,people often says I'm crazy but they just love to see me laughing and I don't know why.
"When you're laughing,you've made the whole world laugh with you",that's what other people had been telling me...
I'm happy for that,thank you very much!=)
Although I'm not as happy as before,but I'll try my best to change myself =)
Someone told me ,"sometimes change is good  and sometimes not,you'll have to work the rest out".
I guess I should really just work the rest out =))Thank you and I hope I'll be able to change myself to be a better me:))

Mitchyll Mitchyll 18-21, F 1 Response Jun 1, 2012

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Thats all any of us can hope for !