I Must Laugh

I have a landlady that laughs all day long.

She laughs at Readers Digest jokes, she laughs at Mr Bean (really) and she even laughs at her cat's antics.

She has laughed her way through two bouts of cancer, a divorce and a hip operation. She has had three car accidents in five years, which were all serious enough to completely write off her cars and nearly herself.

One accident was so bad that she spent a month in hospital and three months on her back.

So what was there to laugh about? Nothing of course, but she keeps  on finding something else to laugh about. She doesn't laugh at cancer, but she makes jokes about the false breast she now wears.

She did not laugh at being in bed, but she rented DVD's that made her laugh.

One of her other tenants is a very dedicated medical student. Michelle has been keeping tabs on our landlady for 4 years now as a study project. 

Michelle's lecturer called her in, saying that she was making all this up and that all these things could not have happened to one person. (I have left out a few gory details for the sake of brevity.)

She told her lecturer to phone our landlady herself and prepare to meet the merriest 80 year old she would ever see!

A lady who keeps her own house, has a full load of charity work and energises everyone she meets.

Well, the shoe has finally dropped. If I still needed further proof of the medical benefits of laughter, I would be beyond hope. Surely I do not need to see any more??

So now I find things that appeal to my sense of humour.

I read P.G.Wodehouse.

I go to stand up comedy clubs.

I tune in to those comedy only streaming stations over the internet untill I find something I like. 

Sometimes I am reduced to helpless laughter by some of the wicked things these comedians come up with.

I giggle about remembered jokes in my car, on my way to work and sometimes even share them with my colleagues which spreads the happiness a little further.

I even have people phone me to tell them something funny to lighten up their day! (Who ME, Mr Grimm??)

Laughter does not change your circumstances, but it definitely changes what your circumstances do to you!!

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2 Responses Aug 12, 2007

If you were to meet my landlady you wouldn't believe what she has been through when you see how positive and cheerful she is.

this is EXTREMELY true! the health benefits are amazing! not to mention the laughter and joy seems to shorten the healing process, speeding it up a bit...