It's Contagious

I am easily amused and can find humor in most things. I had a good long laugh when a couple of friends were doing a funny little dance for me the other day.

When I see someone laughing at something funny, I can't help but start giggling with them... even if I don't know what they're laughing about :)

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7 Responses Mar 9, 2009

That is a beautiful quote, my friend. Thanks for your comment :)

Laugh - it's an excellent medicine; a complete panacea. You said it rightly, my dear friend.

Thanks, you lovely ladies! :)

Its worth laugh lines not that I have any yet. But I agree laughing at yourself is and being able to is an awesome thing.

i love to laugh. its good for you!

Agreed! Wish we could have a good laugh together, sweetie :)

Same here... I always try to find fun things in every situation and i can laugh at me too... it is good qualification i think :) I love laughing and i think it is the best medicine for depression :) Hugs*