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I have always been fascinated with things that effected the body either postive or negative. I am fascinated that how uniquely and delicate our bodys are made. Its like a amazing machine that although its misused and neglected for the most part it strives to perform. I became even more intrested when my husband developed a auto immune disease that attacked his liver bile ducts. PSC & Ulcerative Colitis. I must say up till then we both were so we thought very healthy people. My husband was diagnoised in 1999 and six years later had a liver transplant. Even then we never listened to the people in our lives that would encourage healthy eating and supplements that would help us feel better and enjoy a better quality of life.
It did not take long for us to realize what that small handful of people was trying to tell us was real and very important. We have been to many medical facilties and encountered many very educated people through out his medical treatment, and we have come to understand this.. Its called practicing medicine for a reason. I love the medical profession but I also love life. I want answers not theorys. I want to deal with the root cause diseases and not cover it and deal with the symptoms. I have learned to over the past few months that when the body is given the proper nutrients and such it can and will almost always heal itself. My husband and I are now searching for more answers now since I have encountered a couple skin biospys come back dysplatic nevus moderate to severe. Now thats not cancer but the tend to almost always remove the severe ones cause they can develope into cancer. We have found through a few new realm of friends some important inforamtion concerning cancer and the required enviroment that cancer must have to grow. Could it be that we could avoid cancer by balancing our bodys enviroment? 1931 Dr Warburg came won a nobel prize for proving that the main cause of cancer in the human body is acidity of the human body. If this is true and he proved it was why is it that this vital information is not being used more in tradtional medicine? Now I am one the search to discover why dysplastic nevus developes or what triggers it.. wonder if there is any one out there that may have a anser form their personal research? I would love to hear what you have discovered. As far a my husband he is feeling well and promoting health products as well as I since we have learned we must be proactive in taking care of our selves. If anyone is intrested in hearing thing we are learning visit www.818health.com. I would love to hear from others what they have discovered :)
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Sep 9, 2012