My Love For Japaneese Culture.

When I was 8 I asked my mom what did my name mean and why was it different from most names I knew, she told me my name was japaneese and that it meant ocean village, she told me how she loved Japan and visited it many times before she had me, she loved the culture, the food, the music and the history she learned and people she met while in Tokyo. I started to become interested in learning more about japan so I went to my local library with my mom to get books I could read to help me learn more, I learned so much especially about the city of Tokyo. I learned it use to be a small Castle town known as edo in the 16 th century and how it becam Japan's capital and the most populated metropolis in the world. My mom also told how she loved japaneese anime and gave me a movie to watch to see if I liked it, it was the movie that to this day is still my favourite movie ever that started my love for anime, it was "my neighbour totoro", studio ghibli and hayao myazaki became my go to for my fill of anime over the next few years. I'm 21 now and still love learning knew things about Japaneese culture and last year I decided after not being able to find a job the past 3 years I'm going to live my dream and move to Tokyo with my friend at the start of summer, I've started saving what little I can and I am learning to speak japaneese. I can't wait to start my new life and my mom said she is happy I'm living my dream but to never forget the emerald isle and my Irish roots, I never will as I will be visiting Ireland 3 times a year every year after I move. So I thought I just tell people learning about a new culture might help you decide what to do in life and you might even find a new love for something tha makes you happy. Thank you for listening to my story! :)
XGhibliGirlX XGhibliGirlX
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012