Euphoria In Learning

I want to learn new things..always. But sometimes, my heart gets weak and it hinders me to do what i want. I need someone to push me to really try what i feel..but depending on the urge, sometimes i do not have to have that "pusher". I have tried joining track and field, marathon races, wall climbing, trekking, singing, composing, painting, theater, acting, writing, reading, learning a foreign languange, writing a foreign language character, tried volunteering, tried swimming, biking, badminton, chess, make simple websites, cooking, sewing, cross stitch, doodling, play the guitar, drums, bass, ukelele (tried), debating, oratory, having a gig, nature trip, travel to another country, being able to witness and do childbirth ( not mine though), try watching a live court hearing, selling something, ballroom dancing there so many to learn and do...... I love learning really!!! There's a euphoria which i could not explain.But many criticize me, mind you...but i guess they are just envious..ce
Tinkershell Tinkershell
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 8, 2012

It sounds as though you are multi-talented with everything you have tried. What things have stuck with you for longest or do you keep coming back to? For me, it's guitar.

We are here to learn and explore, for the sole purpose to grow of soul... I don't know, some people just don't want to grow, and their light seems to be more dull than that of those who are not afraid.